Instant tips
by QR code
in Turkiye
3 clicks to leave a tip and review
instant credit of funds to the employee's card
The tool to improve the level of service and hospitality
The recipient registers in the service
Recieves the personal QR code or the link
A client scans it of follows the link
Input the amount and confirm the payment
Money is instantly credited to the card
For a restaurant
For a client
For staff
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TIPBOX - a winning solution
Integration, metarils and training at our expense
Tips are not taxed
Adapted interface
Your ad with wide reach
Distribution of tips according to the facility structure
Full empolyee statistics in one click
Customer loyality management in one click
Tips or review are left anonymously
An automatic translation of the platform into the language of the Guest device
Fast and convenient
Prompt return of erroneous tips to guests
Instant credit to the card
Tips are not taxed
25% more tips
WhatsApp tip notifications
95% of clients take the comission
Personal account with statistics
What does it look like?
Administrator’s dashboard
Full control
A list of employees, access to the service and settings for the tipping system
One interface for everything: ratings, reviews and tips with an option to download data as an Excel file
How does this work for an employee?
How does this work for a guest/customer?
Scan the QR-code
Rate the employee
Decide on the tip and pay
Manage costumer loyalty
We don’t simply collect reviews, we offer an effective tool to work with them, as well.
Leave the negative in the Tipbox, share the positive with the world.
A guest/client will be offered to leave a public review on a popular review website/app
Flexible settings are available to trigger positive reviews (high rating, tip amount, etc.)
Instantly gets delivered to the Telegram-bot, to be accessed by the administrator.
It’s possible to resolve matters with the client instantly
A negative review will be seen only by the administrator.
Still have questions?
We do not charge companies for connecting our service
In 95% of cases, tip senders compensate the commission of our service
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